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I’ve been teaching for more than 20 years (I’m a lot older than I look), specializing in software training, coaching, and project mentoring since 2000. I don’t teach because I’m a know-it-all; I teach because I love helping people get to where they want to be with their skill sets and empowering them with knowledge. We don’t all learn and process information the same way, and I don’t try to make you change your learning style to fit a narrow little box when I work with you; I teach the way you learn, not the other way around. I don’t use geekspeak, techspeak, or nerdspeak, even though I wear all of those badges proudly. I break down software, tools, and concepts in plain, accessible language and visuals (and on rare occasions, through interpretive dance), but you may come away feeling more like a techie at the end of our sessions. You may even unleash your inner geek!I’m not a typical corporate trainer, I won’t show up in a suit, I don’t hide my tattoos, and I don’t teach from books. Instead, I teach from 15+ years of web design/building and consulting work. I teach from a real-world, practical perspective. I’ve worked with a wide variety of people: adults and youth, designers and fitness gurus, teachers and photographers, and no matter who I work with or what I’m teaching, my goal is always the same, to help you learn something new, grow your skills and confidence, and help you get over hurdles, all while helping you enjoy the process. I’ve been fortunate to work with some really cool people.

I started impermanentmedia in 1997 as a web design/development studio. In 2000, I started incorporating training services in response to frequent requests from my clients to teach them how to maintain what I’d built for them. Since that time, impermanentmedia has evolved primarily into a provider of training services.

I co-host/co-produce the WordPress Help Twins weekly podcast with Kelli Wise of Pint Sized Sites, where we discuss cats, music, and of course, WordPress.

Now, for the more formal stuff… I’m an Adobe Certified Instructor in Dreamweaver 8 – CC and Contribute CS3 – CS5, and a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+). I teach WordPress classes at Green River Community College in Kent. In addition to my own clients, I’ve taught HTML, CSS, Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and GoLive classes for Training Connection, Computer Training Source, and Mac University (now Digital Bootcamp) in Chicago, IL, Luminous Works in Seattle, WA, and roundpeg in Portland, OR. I’ve also done customized, on-site group training for the University of Mississippi (OleMiss), Nordstrom Product Group, and thePlatform.com.

I served as the volunteer webgeek/technical consultant for The Backpack Project, an all-volunteer, non-profit collective providing basic survival items to homeless youth in Seattle, WA from 2008 – 2012. I was a video production and web design teaching artist for Street-Level Youth Media, Girls Get Digital, and Alternative Schools Network, all of whom provide free media arts programs to Chicago-area youth. I’ve taught digital filmmaking for Digital Media Academy’s summer tech camp at the University of Washington. I was a How-To track/Media Lab advisory board member for the 2009 Allied Media Conference in Detroit, MI, and served on the board of directors of the Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center in Chicago, IL. I served as the Creative and Technical Director for Neighbor 360.com. Offline, I’m an experienced DIY screenprinting instructor as well, and was a volunteer instructor for the Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center’s screenprint workshop in Chicago, from 2004-2007.

I run aac films, which produces online video projects and offline immersive and interactive projects, including The Speaking of HOME Project, an online documentary series and multimedia project, of which I’m the creator/director/editor. I’m also the co-founder of the SteelCode Collective. We combine analog and digital media to create interactive creative projects.

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Public Speaking/Workshops:

2015 WordCamp Seattle, Seattle, WA: Co-facilitator of the There Are No Dumb Questions: Q&A with the WordPress Help Twins session
2008 Allied Media Conference, Detroit, MI: Co-facilitator of the Future of Film and Video Online workshop
2007 Allied Media Conference, Detroit, MI: Facilitator of the Sell Without Selling Out workshop
2004 Child Care Business Expo, Chicago, IL: Facilitator of the ABCs of Computers workshop
2003 Child Care Business Expo, Chicago, IL: Technology Specialist for the Transitioning from Home-based to Center-based Business panel.