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leslieI make stuff

I make stuff in code, pixels, words, video, screenprinting ink and fabric, and foodstuffs (savory and sweet).

I spent more than 15 years (I’m a lot older than I look) teaching and designing/building websites. As a Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) and Adobe Certified Instructor, I specialized in web design/front-end dev, software training, coaching, and project mentoring from 2000- 2015. Basically, I was a corporate trainer, except I didn’t wear a suit, didn’t hide my sleeve and a half of tattoos, and didn’t engage in corpspeak. I was fortunate to work with some really cool people. Before that, I worked in the social services field for 11 years before I switched careers. That was then, this is now.

My new day job is yet to be determined, but my side gig is co-hosting/producing the WordPress Help Twins weekly podcast with Kelli Wise, where we discuss cats, music, adult beverages, and of course, WordPress.

My other time is divided between aac projects and the SteelCode Collective. aac projects is my primary creative outlet where I make a variety of things including The Speaking of HOME Project, an online documentary series. I co-founded of the SteelCode Collective with Bryan Robinson. We combine analog and digital media to make interactive creative projects. Bryan uses steel, wood, fire, and plaster, while I use code, pixels, words, and Markdown. Together we made Hello, Flower, with more projects in the works.

Sometimes people ask me to speak in public:
2015 WordCamp Seattle, Seattle, WA: Co-facilitator of the There Are No Dumb Questions: Q&A with the WordPress Help Twins session
2008 Allied Media Conference, Detroit, MI: Co-facilitator of the Future of Film and Video Online workshop
2007 Allied Media Conference, Detroit, MI: Facilitator of the Sell Without Selling Out workshop
2004 Child Care Business Expo, Chicago, IL: Facilitator of the ABCs of Computers workshop
2003 Child Care Business Expo, Chicago, IL: Technology Specialist for the Transitioning from Home-based to Center-based Business panel.

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The fastest way to get my attention is via Twitter: @imediaseattle

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