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leslieI make stuff

I make stuff in code, pixels, words, video, screenprinting ink and fabric, and foodstuffs (savory and sweet).

I spent more than 15 years (I’m a lot older than I look) teaching and designing/building websites. As a Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) and Adobe Certified Instructor, I specialized in web design/front-end dev, software training, coaching, and project mentoring from 2000- 2015. Basically, I was a corporate trainer, except I didn’t wear a suit, didn’t hide my sleeve and a half of tattoos, and didn’t engage in corpspeak. I was fortunate to work with some really cool people. Before that, I worked in the social services field for 11 years before I switched careers. That was then, this is now.

My new day job is yet to be determined, but my side gig is co-hosting/producing the WordPress Help Twins weekly podcast with Kelli Wise, where we discuss cats, music, adult beverages, and of course, WordPress.

I divide the rest of my time between aac projects and the SteelCode Collective. aac projects is my primary creative outlet where I make a variety of projects, including The Speaking of HOME Project, an online documentary series. I co-founded the SteelCode Collective with Bryan Robinson. We combine analog and digital media to make interactive creative projects. Bryan uses steel, wood, fire, and plaster, while I use code, pixels, words, and Markdown. Together we made Hello, Flower, with more projects in the works.

Sometimes people ask me to speak in public:
2015 WordCamp Seattle, Seattle, WA: Co-facilitator of the There Are No Dumb Questions: Q&A with the WordPress Help Twins session
2008 Allied Media Conference, Detroit, MI: Co-facilitator of the Future of Film and Video Online workshop
2007 Allied Media Conference, Detroit, MI: Facilitator of the Sell Without Selling Out workshop
2004 Child Care Business Expo, Chicago, IL: Facilitator of the ABCs of Computers workshop
2003 Child Care Business Expo, Chicago, IL: Technology Specialist for the Transitioning from Home-based to Center-based Business panel.

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The fastest way to get my attention is via Twitter: @imediaseattle

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