leslie g stewart

Pouring One Out for the Podcast

Maru the cat hiding in drawer The final episode of the WordPress Help Twins podcast was published 4/21/2016. We hope you enjoyed what we produced, and you’ve found our insights, experiences, and banter helpful and entertaining. We did it to help people grow their WP skills, and according to what several people have told me, it did that for them. The archived episodes aren’t going anywhere, so we hope they’ll continue to be beneficial.

Thank you for listening, subscribing, submitting questions/suggestions, being guests, and spreading the word, we appreciate all of it, and especially all of you!

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Why I’ve given up my business

Four hikers waving.

tl;dr version:
It wasn’t working, I wasted a lot of time, and I prefer to not eat ramen noodles for meals unless it’s proper Japanese ramen.

I’m looking for full-time employment, if you’re hiring, please get in touch.

If that’s enough for you, cool. If you really want to know more, keep reading.

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