WordPress & WordPress Theme Building Courses

WordPress is all the rage. From high profile blogs to quiet little sites, it seems like everyone is using it. Maybe, even you?

You’ve probably endured the frustrating process of trying to find a WordPress theme you actually like. You spend an inordinately long period of time searching for an attractive theme, only to feel like you’ve been looking at the same thing in a variety of different colors. We’ve all been there. But you, you’re a web designer and coder! You’ve wondered if you could create your own theme. You know what? You should learn how to create your own theme.

I have two ways for you to learn to create custom WordPress themes.

In-person, Instructor-led Courses:

If you’re in the Seattle area, I’ll be teaching both the Build Your Website Using WordPress and Creating Custom WordPress Themes courses for Green River Community College (Kent Campus), April 28, 30, May 5, 7. Check out the course catalogue for complete course information.

Online Course:

For those outside of the Seattle area, and those who prefer a to learn on their own time, I’ve created a self-paced, online course to help you do just that, build your own damn WordPress theme!

You know what I call it? Build Your Own Damn WordPress Theme! The musical! Okay, it’s not a musical, but it is designed to help you create a simple, WordPress theme. Enough to help you clearly understand what’s under the hood (a mixture of HTML, CSS, and PHP) of a basic WordPress theme, and create your own.

udemy logoThe Build Your Own Damn WordPress Theme course is available on Udemy.com! Once you’ve purchased the course, you’ll have unlimited access to the lessons. This isn’t a subscription, it’s a one time purchase. Have a question, or encounter a problem, I’m here/there for support.

The course currently contains about 4 hours of material (so far), that I’ve broken up in to individual video modules of approximately 20 minutes (give or take) in length, so you can watch, follow along, try it out, and move on to the next one when you’re ready. Yes, this is a video course. After all, the best way to learn a visual topic is visually. Am I right?

What you’ll learn in the course:

– How to convert a Photoshop mockup to HTML/CSS
– Apply CSS/HTML code to a barebones WordPress theme
– WordPress theme template walkthrough
– Understand the WordPress Loop
– Understand the functions.php file
– How to modify theme templates
– Adding additional widget areas
– Creating custom templates
– Using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin for more flexible page layouts

This course is for you if:

– You’re completely comfortable writing HTML and CSS from scratch (without a WYSIWYG)
– You’re completely comfortable using WordPress, but you’re ready to get under the hood
– You’ve tried creating child themes, and are ready to really make something your own
– You’re ready to throw down with some code (hell, yeah!)
– You finally want to understand what the hell the WordPress Loop is (hint: it’s a conversation)
– You want to attain your WordPress Orange Belt

It’s Alive!

The course is a “living” course. Unlike a lot of self-paced courses that have a set number of lessons, I plan to add more lessons as needed to cover WordPress changes that will effect themes, and to answer popular/commonly asked questions. Your question could become a course video module! How cool is that?

Fantastic! How Much?

Let’s skip the typical, evasive sales page nonsense about hiding the price until you click on the Buy Now/Register button, shall we?

The course costs $89.