leslie g stewart

WordPress Theme Building Course

“Hey Leslie, didn’t you used to have a WordPress theme building course on Udemy.com that had a link here? Where is it???”

This page used to contain information about a course I had on Udemy. Technically, the course is still on Udemy, but in light of their radical pricing changes, I’ve chosen to unpublish the course, which means no one else can enroll in it.

Udemy’s price change left instructors with two options: change the price of courses to fit their new $20-50 structure or unpublish the course. I’ve chosen the latter. My 14-hour course is worth more than the $89 I’d had it priced at for close to 3 years, and I refuse to drop the price to $50.

If you’re already enrolled in my course, you will continue to have complete access to it and I’ll continue to answer any questions posted to it, though I won’t be adding new sections to it, or updating it at all on Udemy.

I’m in the process of deciding if I want to put the class on another platform. If I do, this page will point to its new home.