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For 18 years I've helped people learn new software and coding skills, and build on the ones they have. If you want to learn WordPress, HTML/CSS, creating simple blogs/sites with Publii, podcasting basics, InDesign, and more, I can help you get where you want to be with your skills.

People Say Kind Things About Me:

I found Leslie through the Internet, and was impressed by her web site and teaching credentials. My positive first impressions only got better when she arrived at my doorstep to help me wade through some very challenging Adobe Flash programming.

Naturally, my challenges with Flash were hardly speed bumps for Leslie’s level of expertise, but her positive and upbeat approach to teaching and conveying highly technical information in an easy-to-digest fashion were greatly appreciated. I only wish I had another reason to seek her assistance, but would highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with the Adobe suite of products, or anything else she’s an expert with!

— Norah E.

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Using Publii to create simple blogs/sites

People tend to assume that WordPress is the only tool I use to build and publish sites, but it's not true. WordPress is not the only, nor is it the best tool for every type of site. It's a tool but far from the only tool.

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Vintage WordPress Help Twins

Episode #12 - Child Themes

The WordPress Help Twins podcast is no longer being produced but you can find all of our episodes here.

In this episode: Tattoos & Ponies & David Bowie & Child Themes, Oh My!

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