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For 18 years I've helped people learn new software and coding skills, and build on the ones they have. If you want to learn WordPress, HTML/CSS, creating simple blogs/sites with Publii, podcasting basics, InDesign, and more, I can help you get where you want to be with your skills.

People Say Kind Things About Me:

Leslie Stewart is an outstanding Adobe Certified instructor! There’s a difference in just teaching something and having a passion for it; and Leslie definitely has the passion for what she does. Leslie teaches in a way that makes you want to learn more. Her knowledge and skills are off the charts! I highly recommend Leslie to any one or any business! Thanks Leslie!!!

— Brent Stevenson
2Fold Productions

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Using Publii to create simple blogs/sites

People tend to assume that WordPress is the only tool I use to build and publish sites, but it's not true. WordPress is not the only, nor is it the best tool for every type of site. It's a tool but far from the only tool.

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Vintage WordPress Help Twins

Episode #12 - Child Themes

The WordPress Help Twins podcast is no longer being produced but you can find all of our episodes here.

In this episode: Tattoos & Ponies & David Bowie & Child Themes, Oh My!

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