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Episodelet #19 – Sitemaps 101

Does your site have a sitemap? Do you know what a sitemap is? Do you know why you should have one? Have no fear, we’ll break them down for you, and tell you how to add one. (It’s easy breezy, lemon squeezy.)

Episode #25 – Attending WordCamp as a Non-Pro

If you’re not a professional web designer or developer, should you attend WordCamp and other web-related conferences? Yes! Why? Listen to this episode, and we’ll give you a bunch of reasons why attending is a good idea for layfolk.

Episodelet #18 – Use Your Blog as Your Resume

If you’re a writer, you’ve likely heard the phrase “show, don’t tell.” The same can be true for your blog/site. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, crocheter, or baker, don’t tell people about what you do, show them on your blog/site.

Episode #24 – Creating Membership Sites

Want to create a community with your site, restrict access to certain content, or sell products or services? If you want to do any or all of those things, a membership plugin may be in your future. There are dozens of membership plugins to choose from. While we don’t recommend any specific plugins, we mention a few that we have experience with, and link to them in the show notes, but ultimately, you’ll need to make your mind up by trying some out.