Pick My Brain

“Can I pick your brain?” It’s a simple question, but for a self-employed person who gets paid to answer questions about certain software, platforms, and code, it becomes… complicated.

Answering questions requires my time and attention to provide a relevant, helpful answer. Instead of saying ‘no’ when I’m asked if someone can pick my brain, I’m saying ‘yes’, but it’ll cost you the price of a decent coffee drink.

“Leslie, couldn’t I just buy you a cup of coffee?”
I rarely drink coffee, so no, but thanks for the offer!

If you need a question answered, it’ll cost you the princely sum of $3. Yup, 3 bucks.

The catch is you only get one question and one answer for that price and I’ll answer your question within 24 hours. Want a faster answer? A more in-depth answer? Kick over more bucks.

One question: $3
Ask your question below, and then use the cash.me link to pay! https://cash.me/$aacfilms

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