Pouring One Out for the Podcast

Maru the cat hiding in drawerThe final episode of the WordPress Help Twins podcast was published 4/21/2016. We hope you enjoyed what we produced, and you’ve found our insights, experiences, and banter helpful and entertaining. We did it to help people grow their WP skills, and according to what several people have told me, it did that for them. The archived episodes aren’t going anywhere, so we hope they’ll continue to be beneficial.

Thank you for listening, subscribing, submitting questions/suggestions, being guests, and spreading the word, we appreciate all of it, and especially all of you!

I’ve been asked why the podcast ended, especially when it seemed like it was just hitting its stride. There is no scandal or drama. Truth is, I simply grew tired of doing it. If you’re going to invest a significant amount of time and effort into doing something, you really should enjoy doing it. Unfortunately, I stopped enjoying it.

After many years in the WordPress world, teaching and building, I have to constantly remind people that it’s not the only thing I teach, or the only tool I build with. I have no problem recommending other things to people when I feel its warranted. I was starting to be branded as “a WordPress expert” as though I don’t do anything else. To be fair, that was happening long before the Help Twins, but it became more apparent after the Help Twins started. That label is far too specific for my skills and experience. WordPress isn’t my specialty, it’s one of my specialties.

I enjoyed recording our episodes, until I didn’t. Sadly, I think my declining enjoyment can be heard in some of the last episodes. Some people love to talk shop outside of working hours; I’m not one of those people. Doing a WordPress podcast meant having to talk shop outside of working hours a LOT. To be perfectly clear, it was talking about WordPress in general that I started to lose interest in. Everything else associated with the podcast was fun.

My favorite episodes were the ones with Kimberly Gauthier, Mark Root-Wiley, Kathleen Farley, and Morgan & Jonathan Kay, because I got to learn about them and how they approached their sites, businesses, etc., and get a fresh perspective on WordPress/related topics. I also enjoy the guest episodes because it meant I got to listen instead of talk.

Working on the Help Twins podcast helped me become a better producer and audio editor. It also helped remind me that I’m much happier letting other people do the talking. That said, I have plans to return to podcasting, but it’ll be far removed from the tech world, and will focus on storytelling. When that’s going to happen and what form it will take, I don’t know yet, but something’s brewing.

Stay tuned, boppers. Stay tuned.

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