Testing the Gutenberg Plugin

Hey! Have you heard that WordPress 5.0 will be getting a brand new post/page editor called Gutenberg? What do you mean you haven’t heard about it? Yeah, I’m not surprised. Unless you build WordPress websites for others or do WordPress-related development and design, you’ve probably been in the dark about Gutenberg.

If you’ve been in the dark, that isn’t your fault. Gutenberg is a beta plugin, which is not something you should install on a live site. It’s been written about a great deal on WordPress-oriented blogs and sites, mailing lists, videos, and podcasts, but unless you regularly follow such things, it’s likely not even been the smallest blip on your radar.

In a nutshell Gutenberg will be the new post/page editor in WordPress 5.0. It will replace the default editor you’re currently working with in self-hosted versions of WordPress. If you’re using the Calypso editor and not the wp-admin section on WordPress.com, this change will not apply to you.

This means a huge change for those currently using WordPress. There are lots of things to be concerned about, ranging from what the new experience of creating posts/pages will be like, to what will break on existing sites once Gutenberg becomes a part of the WordPress core.

I’ve tinkered around with Gutenberg several times since its initial release, and I decided to give it a real test by recreating an existing blog post. I used a local install of WordPress in MAMP because Gutenberg is still in beta and should not be installed on a live site unless you’re willing to take that risk. I’m definitely not.

I recorded my experience so you can experience my highs and lows along with me. There are 9 separate videos, all under 15 minutes each, and I kept them very informal. You can jump around if you like, but they’re a series meant to be viewed in order. I’ve embedded the entire playlist below.


Note: I recorded this video series on April 6, 2018, using Gutenberg version 2.6.0.

If you’ve tested Gutenberg, I’d love to hear about your experience with it.